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Issue 17 is GMTech’s newest offering, coming three months after their previous release. Issues are now taking noticeably longer to produce, but the quality still remains in pretty much the only GM magazine left worth talking about. This edition sees a wealth of exclusives, including an insight into ArcMagi, a fantastic-looking commercial GameMaker game, in development by Thomas Grochowiak and his team. This was a very interesting article to read and genuinely adds a lot of value to this issue. There are also a number of fascinating articles, as well as the usual game reviews and an insight into the development of Innoquous 3, which I found particularly appealing. As we’ve come to expect, the magazine’s design is very aesthetically pleasing and the layout feels on par with professional standards. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the next issue and GMTech’s third anniversary (a superb achievement).

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Time said...

Very good issue, this article really got me to look at it (although I'd heard of it before) and I think I'll be taking a peek at issue 4 when it comes out!

Darren Poole said...

You mean Issue 18, right?

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