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Beacon is an eerie platform game where you must keep the familiar-looking protagonist (reminds me of the male character in Pokémon Ruby…) within close proximity of the moving beacon, or a bright crystal, while trekking through the deserted cave. This interesting concept gives way for some really neat ideas (too many for me to go through), while Chevy gradually increases the challenge waiting in every level. The graphics… well, what can I say? They’re pretty remarkable, and even more so if you consider the fact they were developed in only two days. Everything appeared pretty flawless, even with the fabulous effects; I’m particularly impressed with the smooth character movement, interaction (with the water especially) and animation. The howling background ambience greatly adds to the dark feel of the experience, with the occasional sound effect to emphasise the mysterious atmosphere. Beacon was originally created in only 48 hours (for the 15th Ludum Dare); quite outstanding bearing in mind the graphical polish and the emotional detail behind the game. You absolutely must give this gem a go.

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Time said...

I took a look at this game, and I thought it was pretty good. As you said in the review, it has excellent environmental/ambient effects and music, yet it lacked gameplay to me. It was pretty dull and I quit after only a few levels (which could mean I just didn't get to the good parts). I really liked the main menu, it gave me a "Pikmin" feel :)

Darren Poole said...

It was anything but dull, in my opinion. I fail to find anything negative to say about Beacon. If it had more gameplay and was a little more cheerful, then you could argue that the ambience wouldn't be as good and that the eeriness would be non-existent.

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