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Now I know why we learn maths at school – it’s so we can play Mail Madness! This polished puzzler is a fresh-looking variation of the classic game, Bejeweled (reminding me of Da’ Numba from Basically, you select adjacent stamps that each carry a value to make the total equal that of the waiting letter. When that happens, another letter appears, you gain time and points (depending on the amount of stamps used) and more stamps fall into the playing field. The game ends when you run out of the ever-reducing time limit, and after you can upload your score to the online highscore leaderboard. Mail Madness is very nicely presented, with consistently slick visuals, a comprehensible ‘How to Play’ explanation and nice effects (the use of default GM message boxes is an exception). The music fits the general style and the sound effects compliment it, giving for a very pleasant-sounding experience. Even if Mail Madness is a little quick and reasonably simple, it’s a great casual game for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

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