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Innoquous 3 is yet another sequel from Andrew McCluskey. This tricky platformer adds countless features to what used to be a simple game, making this by far the most comprehensive and impressive of the series. Using the arrow keys, the player negotiates cleverly designed levels (in colour for the first time in the Innoquous series), with the main gimmick being the smooth gravity switching. Boasting thirty levels and a number of different modes, there is a lot to do to attain 100% completion. And this is all made even better when you consider the ability to upload your stats to the Innoquous 3 website, allowing you to compare scores with other Innoquous-lovers across the globe. Heck, there are even ten trophies to amass. Graphically, the game is very streamlined but colours add to what used to be a pretty desolate-looking platformer. Something which attracted me was the well thought-out menu; it’s not often you see a good menu in GM games. Personally, I thought the music was a little off the gameplay tempo and, although the hordes of sound effects were nice to hear, some of them clashed pretty distinctly. However, these are minute negatives of a very very good piece of excellence.

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zachTaylor said...

Yea, I agree. This game is great.

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