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Legs is a (very) short and simple precision platformer where the protagonist appears to have lost his arms. You must tackle eleven levels, with the character’s only abilities being to walk and jump (with his legs) in order to find these misplaced limbs. The inspiration from You Probably Won’t Make It is evident, with similar colours and aesthetics used throughout. The game is generally a fun time-waster, although there is a particularly frustrating problem – the player seems to glitch with the wall and bounce off it almost every time. This ends up as the most challenging aspect of the platformer, which is not a good thing. The graphics are suitably basic, but I’m not totally convinced why the developer decided to make the screen size so tiny. While the music matches the general feel, it was highly repetitive with such a short looping time and alas there were no sound effects to be heard. Overall, Legs is a good platformer; it just needed that something more to be great.

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BxdLunch said...

I fixed the problem, but I'm not releasing the new version quite yet, I want to add some more levels first. :D

Darren Poole said...

Ah, good. How about a sequel?

BxdLunch said...

You know, that might be fun. I would like to release the update and a few projects I am working on first though. :p

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