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Duum Mashine is an original arcade game from no other than David Scatliffe (also known as Scattle). The game seems to have a serious pragmatic message associated with using solar energy, reinforced by the fact that you only earn points by gaining energy and not by destroying the rapidly approaching enemies with your crazy laser gun. The ironically low efficiency of the gun means you’ll be desperately scavenging for more power from the wandering sun, while the enemies get more and more demanding to deal with. The graphics bear a messy but consistent style, which symbolize the works of a small child; this nicely fits in with the unrealistic premise of Duum Mashine as well as the childish title. John Marwin’s music fits with the gameplay very well (it’s head-nodding worthy) to round off a great experience, even if it may be a little short-lived (more content would’ve been welcomed). Show off your skills (or lack of) on the online leaderboard.

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Darren Poole said...

I really should review something other than a shooter. :D

BxdLunch said...

I might have some interesting stuff, it's on my blog. :P

Darren Poole said...

I'll check it out. ;)

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