GAME > Puke! 2 (Zack Banack)

Puke! 2 is a fluid shooter to sequel an old game of Zack’s. Well, I say shooter, but I mean, er... puker. See, the aim of the game is to basically vomit all over the enemies, hence destroying them (must be acidic puke) and increasing your score (online leaderboard). Of course the enemies do everything they can to stop this happening, throwing varieties of bullet arrangements for you to shun. The visuals are very flowing and the small details help put together a nice arena scene. The colours seem well balanced, however the background and the bullet colours can frequently clash, resulting in frustration and injustice to the player. The music is well chosen, but I would’ve liked to see more audio interactivity with events on-screen, such as explosive sound effects when explosions occur; y’know, that sort of thing. Overall, it’s another fun abstract game from Banack.

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