GAME > Rainbow Planet 2.1 (Andrew McCluskey)

Rainbow Planet 2.1 is a speedy-paced shooter with glorious graphical effects that stake a part in the gameplay. You play as a colourful square which appears to ooze some kind of bubbles when you hold down the mouse button. The aim of the game is to last as long as you can by shooting down (or dodging) the enemies. Your score constantly decreases, so keeping on the move is a must. Andrew has cleverly incorporated the controls so that you have to move towards to the enemies to shoot them – this puts a little risk in the air, although it can be somewhat wearisome. The visuals stand out more than anything in Rainbow Planet 2.1. If you compare it to the original Rainbow Planet, you’ll see how much the developer has sharpened his skills. While the exaggerated effects can disable your vision, they add a lot to the experience. The music is also fabulous – it’s not repetitive and it sounds very fitting. But perhaps the most fascinating part is the fact that the game is synced with a Twitter account which posts the leader of the high score leaderboard every time there’s a new player at the top.

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