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Baghead Bandit is Alex Schacher’s debut game, where you play as a boy with a bag on his head. The aim of the game is to save the protagonist’s girlfriend from the evil Dr Plastik (yes, there’s a little humour) by trawling through the forty levels, collecting a jewel in each one. In all, there are seven areas to beat, with the map bearing similarities to that of the Super Mario Bros. series. Compared to many GameMaker games, Baghead Bandit is easy, with a lack of challenge and generally stuff to do (quite Seiklus-like in that respect). While this can allow repetitiveness to creep in, it’s nice to see a platformer forgiving to mistakes. As well as the wealth of levels, there is a timed mode and secret levels throughout, which should keep you playing for longer than the average GM game. The visuals are well-sprited and remain consistent, even with the numerous areas. An assortment of fitting audio tracks is included, allowing the game to flow smoothly. On the other hand, I feel that some of the sound effects sound slightly misplaced. Overall, it’s a relaxing platformer and a great first attempt at game development from Alex.

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