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Colorion is a colourful retro-styled shooter with straightforward gameplay. You must dodge around the arena taking out the multitude of enemies and collecting power-ups, while everything gets progressively harder. When your health reaches zero, you can submit your final score to the online high score leaderboard. The graphical effects are arguably the main focus of this simple arcade shooter, with abundant multi-coloured visuals. While some effects do hamper your vision, they create a unique feel and make it more than just an ordinary arena-based shoot-‘em-up. The retro sound effects and music go well with the graphics to create a fun shooter that’ll occupy a few minutes of your time.

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Zack said...

Thanks for reviewing another one of my games. I really enjoy your opinions and what you have to say about my games.

Darren Poole said...

No problem, dude. :)

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