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Mailure is a fun arcade experience, where you take the role of a naughty schoolboy who wishes to prevent letters written by his principal reaching his mother. The concept sounds simple, but Ahmed has made it anything but that. The main aim is to knock out passing postmen before stealing the letters and throwing these in the sole waste bin, all with an unnecessarily complex control system. And it doesn’t help that the ‘How to Play?’ explanation is quite awfully written. The three platform levels, which are accessible by using the tiresomely positioned ladder, make this more challenging than need be. However, the pretty pixel graphics are pleasant to the eye and the light choice of colour reflects the mood of the game very well. The letter animations are well designed, but after a while become tedious and overused; an option to toggle the speed of said animations would be nice. The music doesn’t really fit with the graphical style, but it’s a catchy tune and monotony is surprisingly minimal. Overall, it’s an entertaining arcade platformer with cute visual feedback.

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Amidos said...

About the How to play ? and story I wish if somebody can help me in writing them for this game and for bactoriam also :) so if anyone interested mail me :)

Zack said...

Amidos, this game is getting pretty popular, congrats.

Darren Poole said...

Yes, perhaps I was a little harsh about the 'How to Play?' explanation, considering that English is not your first language, Ahmed.

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