GAME > Angry Gorilla Machine Monsters (Andrew Brophy)

Angry Gorilla Machine Monsters is a trademark Andrew Brophy shoot-‘em-up, where you typically play as some kind of ship shooting down a bunch of ugly enemies that appear in a periodic configuration. Because enemy emergences are generated randomly, you’ll have to play through the game a number of times to experience them all, especially since it’s so hard (touch a bullet and it’s game over). As customary, the visuals are the focal point, with an array of gorgeous effects to compliment the fluid gameplay. A nifty high scores table shows that quite a bit of effort has been put into development, even if it does seem to end before it's really begun. The music (courtesy of John Marwin) is perfectly apt for the high tempo and feels on par with the other facets of the shooter; there are no complaints to be made. Play Angry Gorilla Machine Monsters if you want a quick burst of optical niceness.

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