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Milo Applequest is a cute and composed platformer set in an attractive kingdom - Applekingdom. You play the role of a chirpy racoon who must collect a lot (and I mean a lot) of apples from the kidnapping hands of the Evil Spirit of Forests. There are over thirty levels embracing this polished experience, of which there are four types – variety sure is nice. These visually lush stages are all accessible from a nicely designed ‘hub’ where you can enter each level after collecting certain amounts of gold apples; these serve as the main game objective. The gameplay feels quite slow but measured, with well thought out level design offering an enjoyable overall feel, although this game is not for action-only enthusiasts. The graphics are perhaps the finest aspect, although the creator has openly admitted that he didn’t make them – a shame, indeed. I’m not much for the repetitive use of the main typeface, but it does match the feel nicely. The music and sound effects are also very fitting for the style of the game. If you’re a fan of platformers, typically from Nintendo, you’ll probably enjoy this.

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