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RunMan: Race Around the World makes me want to smile. It’s a true example of what an indie game should be. The enthralling platformer puts you at the helm of a small yellow star named RunMan and, as you may have guessed, he likes to run. The game’s story tells of an event – a race around the world. Alas, RunMan’s apprehensive challengers do one before it has even begun. This leaves RunMan with the trophy, but he decides to rightfully earn his victory and run around the world anyway. The game will have you literally dashing, crashing and bouncing through intricately designed stages – if you’re good at it, the experience will flow effortlessly. And if you’re not, there’s always the fact that you can’t die. The amount of content is rather comprehensive – more than thirty-five action-packed levels are there waiting to be shattered (and all accessed via a nifty world map) including a number of bosses that add an (much needed) extra challenge, and I’m yet to mention there are collectible medals as well as saveable ghost runs. The graphics are perhaps the seemingly primary characteristic and will instantly catch your eye. The messy MS Paint-esque design really fits the laid back approach, working very effectively. The comprehensive collection of folk, blues and jazz music is just as pleasant, reinforcing a uniquely comical style that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Simply put, if you don’t play this game, you’re insane.

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BxdLunch said...

This was reviewed on Attack of the Show!
I want to play it so bad, but I can't get it to download. :(

Darren Poole said...

It's been reviewed in a lot of places. :)

It really is a great game; sorry for your misfortune.

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