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Broken Cave Robot is another adventure platformer created for Ludum Dare 15. You’re given five minutes to explore a cavern labyrinth, until the robot-protagonist’s battery runs out. Throughout the quest, there are two main things you should aim to find and collect – gems and power-ups (‘climbing gloves’, for example); the time limit works well with these objectives, pressurising the player into making quick decisions, such as which path to choose. A particularly interesting feature ties in with the story of the robot – the normally clichéd map used to keep track of your position must be hand-drawn (or mouse-drawn rather). This is one of a number of elements that makes this platformer seem so intricate and well-structured, setting it out from other games in the genre. The graphics are simple, but what I really like is the way shadows and the lack of light is used to affect the gameplay. Audio-wise, Broken Cave Robot is very minimal and I don’t think the music effectively matched the visual style, nevertheless perhaps I’m being unfair to pick out negatives in what is a platformer you must try out.

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