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In Bactoriam, you play as… well, Bactoriam – ‘king of all bacterias’ (yeah). Bactoriam seems to be enraged that bacteria is considered to be a minimum bare organism. Using the Goo substance surrounding Bactoriam, you must fire bubbles of the matter, killing the viruses (while using up precious Goo), as you bounce helplessly around the arena, hoping to avoid as much harm as possible. There are two game modes (‘Time’ and ‘Score’), where you move onto the next level by reaching the required value relevant to the mode name. The enemy viruses come in a variety of forms, offering a more diverse challenge, as the game gets harder. The graphics are similar to that of Ahmed’s previous game, CrytorYan, only green instead of red. Once again, the colours are well chosen and are nice and consistent. Also, there’s an interesting bubbling effect that crops up throughout; it dramatically improves the visual aspect of Bactoriam. The music is suitable for the genre and the sound effects aren’t too loud, creating a sort of calm air, even if it is a game with explosions. From this game, I think we can conclude that Ahmed Hassan likes chemistry (or just science in general).

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Amidos said...

hehe :) Chemistry :) the thing I like the most is Math :D but eveytime I think in a story to my game it turns to viruses and substance and lots of these stuffs :)

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