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CrytorYan is an insanely difficult arena shooter based around the story of Dr Zack. The game arena plays the part as the container for the material he has discovered – CrytorYan. The gameplay follows a set of initially indigestible rules concerning the two atoms in the material – ‘Bluy’ and ‘Whity’ (yes, they’re very creatively named). The fundamental aim is to control and fire germs from the ‘Whity’ atoms at the ‘Bluy’ atoms, while avoiding actually making contact with the ‘Bluy’ atoms, racking up points. The graphics are very red and pixelized – this style is held consistently and, although very simple, the colours work together nicely to give a tidy display. A cool effect that mixes up the visuals a bit is the beating vibration of the screen. This compliments the background music to build up a rhythmic environment that lets the game flow impressively.

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SunnyKatt said...

Nice to see you updating often! Looks like a promising blog after all. :)

Darren Poole said...

Did you ever doubt it's promise?

SunnyKatt said...

Maybe a little bit in the beginning, when you had just switched projects several times. ;)

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