GAME > The Hilarity of Murder (Andrew McCluskey)

The Hilarity of Murder is Andrew McCluskey’s latest shooter offering, created using the ‘Lite’ version of GameMaker. You must venture through a top-down ‘fake 3D’ world, shooting offensive pink robots (big and small) to keep yourself happy (that’s what terminal illness does to you), while making sure you stay healthy as well (hospitals come in handy). The graphics are simplistic, but the fact that Andrew has achieved such a good-looking 3D urban world with GM7 Lite is simply stunning; I like the consistency in visual style, with the HUD matching nicely too. As usual, Andrew has put much effort into the menu, presenting a great preface for the rest of the adventure. The music is admirably appropriate, providing a nice feel to the game and the sound effects are also limited but fine. Overall, it’s another fun arcade shooter from good ol’ Klusky.

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