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PyRO instantly reminded me of a previously reviewed game, For Now. And it’s easy to see why. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting platformer with a nice gimmick - interactively rotating visuals. You supposedly play as a child who ‘fears the flame’; you can make your own mind up whether a small yellow cube adequately represents a child. Over the thirty levels, there are a number of new puzzling features introduced to increase PyRO’s challenge and variety, as well as a level editor for more extensibility. Although I do have a problem with the slow player movement; it makes every move feel very heavy and laborious. The visuals look quite smooth and the rotating cubes aren’t too extreme. PyRO features a soothing and atmospheric background tune which fits nicely with the leisurely movement and the game’s eccentricity. By the way, the platformer was made for Game Jolt’s Axiom contest and surely must stand a decent chance.

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