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For Now looks very similar to an unreleased game by Jonaton Söderström, but just because it’s so comparable, it shouldn’t be looked down upon. After all, it does have some unique features in addition. Anyway, For Now is a psychedelic platformer with disorientating effects that make what would be a boring game without the eccentricity, an interesting game. In each level, you collect all the red pyramids by jumping around with a multicoloured ball – it’s a simple objective, but it doesn’t need to be anything more, since the effects provide the challenge. The visuals are clearly the main focus, with abstract 3D platforms present in magnitude; each level has a slightly different style to keep things new – you never really know what to expect in the next stage, apart from more weird and wonderful visuals. The background music creates a fitting ambience for this strange platformer. No sound effects seem to be at hand, but they’re not really needed.

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T-Dub said...

Pretty cool game. But can get frustrating at times. Here is Cactus' comment on the game:
"Not entirely sure I like that you rip off a game I haven't even released. Well, at least you add some elements of your own."

Great find and thanks for sharing.

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