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Tower of Heaven is a fairly short (although it took two years to create) puzzle platformer where you must complete each level in a certain time limit to successfully scale the tower. After the introduction, the game bases itself upon laws that are gradually introduced by God, as you progress through each stage. This concept makes each level increasingly tricky and also gives the opportunity for good design. After you complete the game the first time, you can go back through it in the ‘Speed Run’ mode, where you are timed for the whole adventure. The developers of Tower of Heaven is even holding a promotional Speed Run contest where you can win some cool stuff. As for the looks, Tower of Heaven bears a well presented 3-colour pixelized style, with some nice effects that give great polish. This style matches very well with the audio, which is also nice and old-school (very Game Boy-esque). Overall, a well refined and fun platformer.

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BxdLunch said...

I played this, so hard. But I loved it

Darren Poole said...

Yeah, I agree.

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