GAME > The Titanic Tower of Tremendous Tricks (Rob Obox)

The Titanic Tower of Tremendous Tricks puts the player at the foot of a gigantic tower (created by Mr Manko) which houses fifty levels that must be negotiated for the protagonist to reach his teleported girlfriend. The puzzler is a grid-based top-down game that has you pushing blocks, flicking switches and doing an assortment of other things that you’d expect to see in a puzzler of this kind. In terms of difficulty, this is one tricky game and some real brain-scratching will be needed to finish it. The appearance is very smooth and the shiny graphics are nice to look at – the quality of the intro caught my attention. Subtle glowing effects and small details really add to the final look, although the lack of a walking animation for the player was unfortunately noticeable. Audio-wise, it sounds very atmospheric and the mysterious tune helps the ambience tremendously.

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