GAME > Madness Endam (Gideon Simons)

Madness Endam is a short arena based shoot-‘em-up with a lot of flair. Using just the mouse, you help a skull-like being destroy 100 creatures that appear to be running riot inside his frail brain. These drones come in varying forms and things get progressively harder as more and more of them are destroyed. It’s a very basic formula, but it works well and the game is a lot of fun to play, even though it’s arguably a little short-lived. Yet it has to be said that the graphics make this game. The flickering effects, font and colour scheme work well together, creating a fantastic visual atmosphere that will keep you allured. Moreover, the music by Cube-C is pretty groovy and reflects the game very well. All round, it’s a great little shooter that’ll keep you occupied for a small chunk of time.

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