GAME > Silly Anthony, Don’t Run Away While I’m Filming! (Ryan Langewisch)

Created to celebrate the first anniversary of the hit indie games weekly video show, ByteJacker, SADRAWIF is a fun platformer in which the show’s cameraman (Jon) chases Anthony when he decides to run away for reasons we’re not aware of. Controlling Jon, you must run over rooftops while trying to keep Anthony in the camera shot – failing to do so results in ‘Game Over’. Various harmful objects must also be avoided, ranging from drink cans to bubble gum; this can become very tough and timing jumps becomes a core skill needed to progress well. There is also a wide range of characters from indie games dotted throughout that can be collected, adding to replayability. The graphics are very refined; especially considering SADRAWIF was made in only two days. The overall visual style is very consistent and there’s enough variety to keep you interested. For music, the game includes a remix of the familiar ByteJacker show introduction, expertly created by Ryan’s brother. The track really adds to the authenticity. Any ByteJacker fan must play this!

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