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Lighthouse puts you in control of a lighthouse. That makes sense, right? Okay, so the basic objective is to guide lost ships on their way to safety by shining light on them, while destroying anything unwanted that gets in the way, may it be water mines or pirates. This is done by focusing the light, essentially frying the enemies. After a while you’ll stack up a multitude of points, especially if you concentrate on achieving high combo scores. A small limit on the amount of ships that can be crashed before the game is over keeps the tension high in this fiddly arcade experience, but also makes it a tad too demanding too soon. Lighthouse is visually very pleasing, with well picked colours and consistent graphics in-game. The only graphical setback is an exception to the visual uniformity – the menu doesn’t match at all and is pretty unappealing to say the least. Unfortunately, no audio accompanies this game; I believe sound would improve the game vastly, especially in creating a fitting hostile atmosphere. But if you don’t mind silence, this game is worth a play.

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