GAME > Alexitrón’s Journey to Learn GML (Alexis Andújar Gonzalez)

Alexitrón’s Journey to Learn GML is a comical platformer comprising of twenty increasingly difficult levels. The game is based upon the creator’s transition from the use of Drag and Drop to GML in GameMaker. The player must destroy all of the Drag and Drop icons in each level, simply by jumping on them – oh, how refreshing it is. The icons come in a variety of forms to keep the game varied and a combination of them together can prove tricky to overcome. The graphics are very simple, reinforcing the somewhat plain style of the GameMaker GUI. A nice effect appears when the protagonist jumps on an enemy, but that’s about as distinctive as the visuals become. There’s no background music, but the fitting retro sound effects more than make up for this. Overall, it’s a great game to pass a little time with. I hope Alexis can continue to make brilliant games, now in GML.

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Alexitrón said...

I hope I can continue to make games now in GML .
Thanks for reviewing my game .

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