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Sulkeis is a ‘demake’ of the popular 2003 GameMaker game, Seiklus, as indicated by the game’s title. Unlike the original, which took six months to develop, this was created in less than a week. Basically, it’s a much more straightforward take on the exploration concept explored in Seiklus, while holding some of the memorable parts of the original game, including the large plants and the small coloured objects which must be collected to unlock the door to reach the finale. The graphics follow suit, with much more lower resolution sprites, though they still hark back to the colourful flowing environments of Seiklus. Sulkeis is near faultless, only with drawbacks like the reported small glitches and the occasionally frustrating level design. There are also some nice tunes to be heard, varying from area to area. This brilliant adventure has a great chance of being awarded in Game Jolt’s ‘Indie Game Demake’ contest.

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boxedlunch said...

thank god, your back!

Darren Poole said...'re-and-Your

Amidos said...

Welcome back :)

Darren Poole said...

Featured on IndieGames Weblog... Well there's a turn up for the books.

boxedlunch said...

let's hope it's encouraging. :)

James said...

You *jerk*, Ryan Langewisch!

The only really difficult part of the game is a long series of small platforms in a row, each one with a blue fuzzy on it and ending in an alcove with lots of blue fuzzes.

This isn't great level design in itself, but getting to the last platform is basically a pixel-perfect jump. And, the graphics are not pixel-perfect; the guy falls through what looks like part of the platform toward the edge.

Really frustrating.

Legendary said...

Tis possible Mr. James, many have done it. And you don't die, so you essentially have unlimited tries. ;)

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