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Hellarious is another entry into Game Jolt’s recent contest. This one is a demake of another hit indie title, Canabalt. Yes, a very high profile game to demake but Hellarious does the job admirably. Instead of being on rooftops, this one-button platformer takes place in hell. You face fireballs, dropping stalactites (hell must be made of limestone) and lava in your quest to race as far as you can before coming to an inevitable and occasionally unfair death. The best side of the game is its addictiveness; the design makes you feel like you can do a bit better every time you die and the online highscores offers more replay value. Graphically, the game is a tad poor and the platforms, especially, look a little rusty. The optional iPhone border looks fairly mismatched but it’s an amusing parody of the Canabalt game found on its home page. If you’re playing this to have fun, the hellish (hur hur) visuals shouldn’t put you off. And the background music, titled ‘Falling Demons’, is all too apt.

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