GAME > Inturbonauter (Ryan Langewisch)

Inturbonauter is another GM bullet-hell shoot-‘em-up, but this one comes with some pretty nifty effects. You venture through 30 fairly short levels of increasing difficulty (a fun ‘Random Mode’ is also included), where you must fire continuously at the boss positioned in the centre of the battlefield, until you’re greeted with the message ‘WIN!’ (or ‘FAIL!’). Facing masses of spiralling bullets in varying formations makes this no easy game, but good hand-eye co-ordination will go a long way. An interesting feature pulls your bullets to the centre of the arena (towards the foe); I’ve never seen this before, so it’s a pretty cool idea. The visuals are… pretty mad, it has to be said; ever-changing highly contrasting colours and flickering effects really add to the experience, increasing the excitement factor. Upbeat music is also incorporated, giving the shooter a suitable atmosphere that makes you want to just keep on playing.

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