GAME > The Great Double Dog Unicycle Dare (Ryan Langewisch)

TGDDUD is hard. Wheely hard. So hard, I only just managed to proceed over the first gap (I’m terrible, I know). Anyway, it’s a platformer where you are dared to ride a wobbly unicycle that is unbelievingly hard to manage – if you play anything like me, you’ll be smashing your keyboard plentifully. Other than that, it’s a pretty basic platformer with the normal challenges you’d expect. The graphics have a very definitive red style and when they’re all put together, they work. It pretty much proves that minimalistic work on the visual side can still make a game look good. As with pretty much every game by Ryan Langewisch I remember playing, TGDDUD comes with a very retro background tune. And, as usual, it fits perfectly. If you complete this, you really should give yourself a pat on the back.

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