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StopHappyMonsters is an exceptionally demanding horizontal shooter with basic but well-worked and appealing visuals. You must obliterate wave after wave of (satisfyingly) bouncy ball-like monsters, interrupted by larger bosses which take the game to an even harder level. A subtle but nifty feature determines the direction of each bullet by the current momentum in the ship. This cleverly decreases the number of keys needed, making way for a brilliantly uncomplicated control system (in stark contrast to the game’s difficulty). The simple graphics work very nicely and the fine range of colours reflect the cheerful, carefree mood, much like the apposite music and sound effects. Online highscores would have been a good addition, but maybe I’m asking too much from a quickly developed game. This thoroughly fun shoot-‘em-up was made for the third GMG mini-competition and will undoubtedly stand an excellent chance.

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Andrew said...

I was really fond of the animations in the rolling enemies. Pretty neat game altogether.

Darren Poole said...

Heh, that was my favourite part of the game. :D

Also, the competition results are still yet to be released...

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