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The sequel to the 2002 original, Reflexion 2.0, is a very challenging puzzler that will probably leave your brain aching. The underlying concept is extremely straightforward – you must flip mirrors so that the endlessly bouncing ball gathers all the blue gems before reaching the finish. But with the brilliant level design, numerous supplementary features and the fact that there are an impressive sixty levels to scratch your head through, the game is harder than it sounds. The graphics are fairly simple, but very well made (you won’t find cheap retro sprites here). I’m not too keen on the white background; it’s a bit plain and boring, although it does reflect the simplicity. The music is quiet, smooth and generally fitting for the whole style of the game – well chosen indeed. The sound effects are also nice and subtle, rounding off a very sweet experience. If you’re looking for something to play for a good while, choose Reflexion 2.0.

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SunnyKatt said...

Still going strong! Keep the reviews coming. If I had time to play these games, I would really use this place as a reference. :)

Darren Poole said...

Thanks SK.

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