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Infidels puts the player in the year 2071, where a religion based on ginger hair colour exists. It happens to be your job to electrocute the anti-ginger infidels. Holding the mouse, you fire charge-limited waves of electricity towards the oncoming enemies, watching them suffer endlessly, while accumulating points that can be submitted to the high score leaderboard. The game is very tough in the sense that you’re continually darting around the 3D playing field to avoid your health reaching zero. Although monotony has been combated with the flourishes of new enemies and a selection of power-ups, it still arguably becomes a little monotonous with such a one-dimensional method of attack. The graphical style is typical of Andrew McCluskey, with vibrant visuals concealing his limited graphical abilities. As for the music, it’s very upbeat and fits with the general pace of the game. Perhaps it’s a little high in pitch for some peoples’ tastes, though. Incidentally, the game was made for the Game Jolt ‘Shocking’ competition and came in a warranted second place.

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