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Physbox is a sandbox game created by Tom Blackwell that gives you construction tools along with basic props and shapes. The aim of the game is simple - there isn’t one. Physbox is a creative free will game in which you can build anything you want. It could be a car, a plane, a house, or a city. It's all about imagination.

Recently Physbox has been updated to version 0.7 of it's recoded “evolution” releases (so technically it's version 3.0). This new release primarily adds a new trail tool, a fort fight DM map, and the ability to skin all the GUI graphics.

Physbox boasts a rich modification system allowing users to effortlessly create content for the game. Creating props and tools is no more difficult then writing a few lines in GM. And with the new ability to switch window themes its now possible to customize just about every aspect of the game to your tastes and preferences.

Physbox is based upon GMPhysics 4, the latest stable release of one of the most well known physics systems for Game Maker - and the creator certainly hasn’t skipped on getting every possible feature implemented.

The game is currently lacking online capability but Tom (aka cooldudetb) is already preparing to add multiplayer functions to not so distant releases, as you will notice when you play the game. Physbox already has a forum with supporters so when online functionality is implemented, servers should pop up right away!

In the end Physbox has charm, lots of features, and leaves you addicted and hungry for more. If you are a fan of the simulation genre, Physbox won’t disappoint.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. You could have added a bit more about the gameplay, but still nice.

cooldudetb (aka Tom Blackwell) said...

Well, the screenshot is't exactly the best, but I think this review manages to capture PhysBox, it's features and it's purpose. Yay!

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